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b a l s a m  l a k e  h o m e

balsam lake home
balsam lake home
Aerial _LAN_Pres-210120-XXL-3
site study
main level
lower level
site section
living room
kitchen and dining
master bedroom
master bathroom
balsam lake home

set on a steep wooded hillside on balsam lake in wisconsin, this modest structure is all about lake life. its long and lean profile uses simple architectural forms that signal a restraint and unfettered lifestyle. its dominant shed roof is buttressed by two boxes finished in greyed cedar siding.


all of the living spaces have been arranged along its west facade to take full advantage of the lake views and natural habitat. the interiors take on an understated aesthetic with concrete floors, wood accents, and industrial light fixtures.


what appears to be only a single story structure with minimal openings from the roadway above is actually a two-story home with a walk-out basement. the lower level is built into the hillside and is finished with a honed concrete block to contrast with the lightness of its upper volume.

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