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b a c k e r   r e s i d e n c e

backer residence
master bedroom
master bath

the one-story "tuck-under" was already hitting high up on the cool factor with its two-sided brick fireplace, red oak floors, and assortment of mid-mod furnishings, but the home was definitely beginning to show its age, and the young family needed more space. they didn't want to change the character of the home, so we intently set out to add a second floor while preserving many of the original details. 

On the main level we repurposed the bedrooms that would move upstairs. we relocated the steep, dark stairs to the front of the house and made them a feature of the home. We extended the kitchen into the underused three-season porch and created a large great room at the back of house. With some determination and creativity, we overcame obstacles to keep the original brick fireplace that ordered the main living area as a beautiful memory of what had been.

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