a  r  m  a  d  i  l  l  o    h  o  u  s  e

bony plates cover the back, head, legs and tail of an armadillo, the curoius looking creatures native to texas and south america. texas natives, themselves, the owners of this project wanted a home that celebrated its natural surroundings but was protected from the harsh desert climate.


we designed laser-cut, steel panels that can be adjusted to protect the home's expansive yet vulnerable glazed openings from the sun, wind and would-be intruders. the simple yet elegantly detailed boxy forms are juxtaposed against and elevated above the rugged desert floor. the main floor rests on bearing walls that minimally disturb the native soil.


located on an undisturbed hillside lot in blue diamond, nevada, the site offers breath-taking views of the redrock mountains to the west and rolling hills to the south where the couple can allow their dogs to roam free.